Preparing For A Crowd

dinner with friends

You have one of those households that always seems to be having some type of gathering or special party. The most difficult aspect of holding these functions and events is possessing the proper equipment and supplies that can effectively feed a large crowd. You won’t need restaurant equipment; still, you have to make sure you are stocked with the right cooking tools. One of the very best places to acquire food and beverage equipment and other items that can help you handle larger groups is a restaurant supply store. There you can find party supplies that will fill your every need. Some of the items available in such a venue include:

Chafing Dishes
Used by professional caterers, these food receptacles keep foods nice and hot. They assist in arranging food items easily and attractively. The lids keep the food contents from getting cold, helps protect the items from the elements, and wards off any flying insects if the party is held outside. They are available in large and small sizes and rectangular, square and round shapes. The most common chafing dishes are heated through the use of canned fuel, also know as sterno, which is very inexpensive and easy to replace. The more expensive chafing dish styles are electric, the downside of which there must always be an accessible outlet.

Paper and Plastic Wares
Paper, Styrofoam, and plastic plates can be purchased in so many sizes and colors. Cups are also available in the same materials and also in a wide variety of sizes. Straws can be individually wrapped, multi-colored, or loose. Napkins can be found in dinner or cocktail sizes and in a wide variety of colors and designs,

Bar Supplies
If you are expecting an adult crowd at many of your events, it may be feasible to begin purchasing bar supplies that can be used over and over again. Consider pourers, bar mats, corkscrews, coasters, shakers, strainers, and more. Special containers for all of your mixers and juices will give your bar area a very clean and professional look. The purchase of a large electric blender will boost your popularity when you start producing margaritas and other frozen beverages.

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Party Equipment
If it is in your budget, there are so many machines and equipment that can be purchased that will add so much to a celebration. Considering investing in a margarita machine, snow cone machine, cotton candy machine, or a popcorn machine. These can be utilized over and over again for a multitude of gatherings and celebrations. Lend them to friends and neighbors for even more use.